Richard Beattie

A world leader in the business of growing retail sales, Richard Beattie is the founder and Executive Chairman of TCC - the world's leading exponent of retail loyalty building programs. Since the company's inception in 1991, TCC has grown to become a truly global business with a turnover now approaching $500 million.

Richard started his professional career with the UK's largest newsagent WH Smith. He quickly went on to start his own business - Beattie's Newsagents, which he built up and sold on to a leading national multiple. Richard then gained invaluable experience working with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in Sydney and subsequently founded Wallace International (Australia), a company focused on grocery retail loyalty-building promotions. Success in Australia soon spread to key markets around the world, and in 1989 Richard returned to London and was appointed CEO of Wallace International.

In 1991, Richard founded TCC with a mission to transform the way in which retailers connect with their shoppers. Using the power of data, insight and creativity, TCC develops marketing campaigns that change the way shoppers think, act and feel about retailers, delivering sustainable sales growth and enhanced brand equity.

Today, the company is active in more than 70 countries, employing more than 400 people in 30 offices across the world. TCC has worked with a diverse range of world-class partners to bring its campaigns to life, including Disney, Warner Bros, Red Bull, Pyrex, Alessi, Philips, MasterChef, The Voice, Naomi Campbell and a host of major FMCG suppliers.

Global clients include Tesco, Carrefour, Argos, Sainsbury’s, Wellcome, 7-Eleven, Spar, Auchan, McDonalds, Burger King, Shell, Agip, StatOil, Jaguar Land Rover and Peugeot.

TCC has recently acquired Gametation - a leading provider of mobile gaming campaigns and digital loyalty solutions - to enhance its digital expertise and campaign implementation in today’s highly competitive omnichannel world.

Drivvn - a further recent acquisition - provides a market leading digital retail platform to transform and power the customer journey in the multi-billion-dollar automotive market.

Richard is now a permanent resident of Hong Kong, having moved there in 2002. His enthusiasm for retail remains undiminished and he is a widely respected expert in his field.

Furthermore, Richard is a passionate conservationist. His love of the natural world was indeed the motivating factor behind his private island project in the Palawan region of the Philippines.

Banwa Private Island is an intimate 6-villa private sanctuary, located within a marine protected area in one of the world’s most beautiful and biodiverse regions.

Home to rare species including the endangered Hawksbill Turtle, Banwa is also the focus of Richard’s conservation-led initiative the Aquos Foundation, which is deeply invested in coral reef restoration and various land and marine-based ecological projects. The island is available for private charter, and the important work of the Aquos Foundation is further supported by its philanthropic guests.

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Bringing loyalty to life

Founded by Richard in 1991, TCC is the world’s leading exponent of retail loyalty building programs.

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TCC Foundation

Ensuring brighter beginnings for children

TCC Foundation was founded in 2017 with a mission to provide brighter beginnings for some of the world's less fortunate children.

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The force behind the best customer journeys

Drivvn provides a market-leading digital retail platform to transform and power the customer journey in the multi-billion-pound automotive market.

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Banwa Private Island

Banwa Private Island

An intimate 6-villa private sanctuary

Banwa Private Island is home to Richard’s conservation-led initiative the Aquos Foundation. The island is located in the heart of a marine protected area in Palawan, the Philippines.

Visit the Banwa Private Island website