'Bringing Loyalty to Life'

How to earn, build and leverage enduring customer loyalty

After more than 40 years in the retail loyalty business Richard Beattie, founder and chairman of the world-leading, pioneering loyalty giant TCC, shares fifty essential lessons about shopper behaviour, delivering key insights into how to create successful customer loyalty programmes in an ever-changing retail landscape.

Based on the many thousands of loyalty solutions that TCC has designed for its partners over the course of three decades as well as the company’s extensive research into shopper behaviour, this book is an invaluable, in-depth resource for retail professionals at any level who are seeking to understand the past, present and future of loyalty and want to know how to:

  • discover how loyalty campaigns can drive increased revenue and growth
  • design loyalty campaigns for their business and measure their success
  • create deep and enduring emotional connections with customers
  • be a force for positive change in the community
  • keep up with retail trends and stay ahead of the competition

Discover the key components of successful loyalty campaigns and learn how this industry expert has helped numerous global retailers change shopper behaviour.

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About the Author

Richard Beattie is the founder and chairman of TCC, one of the world’s leading exponents of retail loyalty building programmes. He started his professional career at the UK’s largest bookseller/ newsagent, WH Smith, and was later instrumental in founding Beattie’s Newsagents. He subsequently led the negotiations and sale of the family business to a leading national multiple.

Having arrived in Australia to work for what became Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in 1978, Richard became immersed in the world of ‘continuity’ promotions. He was responsible for bringing continuities to Australia for the first time, and it was here that he co-founded Wallace International with US-based entrepreneur Dan Wallace and began laying the foundations for what is now widely known in the industry as ‘best customer marketing’.

New market successes soon followed in New Zealand, South Africa and Europe and in 1984 Richard returned to London to be at the helm of Wallace’s expanding global office network.

In 1991, Richard founded The Continuity Company (TCC) and a decade later, with offices established throughout Europe and North America, he set his sights on developing the Asia market, moving to Hong Kong in 2002. Here he introduced continuity programmes to further significant new markets in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and beyond.

Since its inception, TCC has partnered with many of the world’s largest food retailers, successfully delivering increases in revenue and market share. Richard’s infectious enthusiasm for retail continues to this day, and with a 45-year track record in the industry, he is uniquely qualified to share his insights and experience in this book.

Now a permanent resident of Hong Kong, Richard passionately believes that TCC should be a force for good in the world and supports many charities through the work of the TCC Foundation.

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"During my three decades in retail I learned that the most important customers are the ones you already have. Richard sets out in practical ways how you keep them and turn them into your biggest advertisers. A must read."

Lord Mark Price
Founder, WorkL / Former CEO Waitrose and Deputy Chairman John Lewis Partnership

"Richard has a lifetime of experience in creating loyalty. This book is a guide to the mindset and components of loyalty promotions which in my view are under-used by retailers."

Tim Mason
CEO, Eagle Eye / Former Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco and founder of Tesco Clubcard

"A mine of insights, this book represents a lifetime's experience of successfully creating rewarding and emotional shopper relationships leading to the retail holy grail - shopper loyalty. A must for passionate and profit-oriented marketeers."

Lars Olofsson
Former Chairman & CEO, Carrefour Group

"TCC were able to unlock the motivation and emotional connections needed to make 7-Eleven’s customers visit our stores more often and spend more. Perfect execution of creating enduring loyalty to drive profitable sales growth over many years within convenience stores in Hong Kong."

Tim Chalk
Former CEO, 7-Eleven Hong Kong

"This in-depth analysis of customer loyalty is a fascinating deep dive into winning shoppers' hearts and minds."

Jeff Shaw
Former CEO, Wellcome Hong Kong

"One thing is for sure: you’ll likely never see loyalty the same way again after having read this book. So, fasten your seat belt, sit back and enjoy a ride that helps bring loyalty to life."

Martin Lindstrom
New York Times Best-selling author and business transformation expert

"Richard Beattie shares actionable tips on how to balance margin-eroding promotions with margin-building loyalty campaigns that attract customers - and - elevate brands."

Julie Lyle
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart

"This book is a must read for executives in the retail space and also has insightful lessons for those in the airline and hotel industries. No matter how your company is positioned in the retail marketplace, properly designed and executed loyalty programmes deliver meaningful value creation."

David Adams
Former Chief Financial Officer, Aimia/Nectar

"In a world of sameness with retailers in need of customer loyalty more than ever before, this book opens the door to proven ways to engage shoppers and build enduring customer relationships. Essential reading."

Dr Kjell A Nordström
Best-selling author and economist

"Richard Beattie is one of the pioneers in loyalty and his expertise has assisted well known food retailers across the globe. Bringing Loyalty to Life is a hands-on guide to understanding the power of loyalty at retail and implementing world-class programmes."

Gary Hawkins
CEO & Founder, Center for Advancing Retail & Technology

"Richard has written a good book about ‘boots on ground’ retailing. Historically in 20th Century business the desk farthest away from the front door was where the person in charge sat. Loyalty marketing is about changing that paradigm."

Paco Underhill
Best-selling author & Founder, Envirosell Global

"Insightful and practical, Richard Beattie's book offers valuable lessons and actionable advice on creating successful customer loyalty programmes. A must-read for any marketing and retail professional looking to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry."

Kenny Chien